Head Above Water Midland teaches swim lessons from February to November. Our program is unique as we customize a lesson plan to fit the individual and unique needs of each child in your family. When creating these lesson plans, we consider your child's learning style, personality, goals, drowning risk and age. We believe that this style of teaching allows our students to learn more effectively and in a shorter period of time, while equipping and empowering parents with the knowledge and skills they need to help keep their children safe around water. 


Lessons can begin as early as six months of age and range onto training for competition at a national level. Full disclosure, we suggest starting lessons around 18 months of age, due to physical maturity and cognitive abilities tend to be more advanced around that age. Starting before 18 months is possible, but please note that if you choose to start this early you will spend more time in swim lessons as your child grows and matures. 


We are a private swim school that works with 150 families each year. We graduate several children out of our program every year and when we do, we are able to add additional openings into our program. To fill these openings, we run a lottery using our New Member Application we have listed.

Upon being accepted into our program, you will be asked to pay (non-refundable) membership dues of $150.00 per year. Membership dues are due upon acceptance into our program. These membership dues give our members exclusive access to book lessons for their entire family-including adults, as well as access to our digital swim lesson course which gives our members the tools they need to keep their children safe around water.

All lessons are booked via an online booking system that only our members have access to. This booking system helps members stay organized, as each member has a profile for their family where they can see when each child in their family has swim lessons each month. Upon booking a lesson, our members will get email confirmations for each lesson, and will receive text message and email reminders of lessons 24 hours before their lesson.  


We offer two different booking options and take pride in our level of flexibility we can offer our membership. Members can choose to do a package of lessons or they can participate in our Pay-As-You-Go option. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Offered throughout the season, in five different sessions, each session lasts 4-6 weeks. 

  • 10 lessons per session, each lesson is 25 min each  

  • One-on-one, private instruction 

  • Packages are series scheduled of lessons that are offered at the same time of day, on Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday 

  • Payment is due before the start of the season

  • Packages can be used for multiple children, split amongst multiple children 

  • Designated blocks within the schedule for make up lessons due to illness, weather or unforeseen circumstances 

  • Grace period offered for rescheduling and cancellations, with less fees associated 

  • Best for families who need:

    •  A level of consistency due to a child's learning style, goals, or drowning risk

    •  Parents who like predictability in their schedule

    •  Families who need fast progress before a trip or before the pool season start

If you have any questions, please contact us today.


Pay-As-You-Go Lessons

  • Offered throughout the season, February-November

  • Book lessons on a month-to-month basis 

  • Only 15 lessons can be booked each month per family  

  • No minimum purchase required in order to participate in this option

  • Each lesson is 25 mins each 

  • One-on-one, private instruction 

  • Parents have flexibility on when they book lessons; filling gaps within the schedule 

  • Offered Monday-Friday and Saturdays at the discretion of our instructors 

  • Cancellation and rescheduling fees are associated 

  • Payment is required upon completion of each lesson, prepayment is not required for this option 

  • Each lesson is $75 

If you have any questions, please contact us today.