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  • Why private lessons?
    We believe at Head Above Water Midland that the only way to truly live out our ministry is to give each of our clients the individual attention they need so that they can be successful and learn life saving skills they need to swim. Our attention to detail, patience and postive attitude will make your child feel accepted and appericiated, which we believe, helps your child learn to swim faster. We take our time with each client so that that each child learns how to swim at thier own pace and in their own individual learning style. We do not find that group lessons are congruent with our values.
  • How many lessons do you suggest my child take this summer?
    This is subjective to what you and your child’s goals are for their development this summer. If you are wanting your child to make significant progress this summer, then you may want to consider budgeting for 10 lessons. If your family is looking for a “refresher” or a “tune up” from previous summers of instruction, we can typically accomplish this in five lessons.
  • How do I know if I have been accepted into the program of my choice?
    We will email you with your program’s details, and/or will be contacting you to schedule your individual private lessons. If you have not been accepted via the lottery, we will also contact you via email to inform you that you were not selected. We will also connect you with the resources to help you and your family find another swim lesson program here in town, so that your family will have the ability to sign up for swim lessons with another teacher before the beginning of school.
  • Once I’ve been accepted into the program, when can I sign up my child for lessons?"
    Applications will be reviewed in January. Class assignments for Mommy and Me programs will be assigned in February; individual lessons will be scheduled around the client’s personal schedules starting in the last week of April.
  • What do I need to do when I’ve been notified that I’ve been accepted into your program?
    You will need to pay a $100 deposit to hold your child’s spot in our program. This deposit is required for all swim lesson programs, i.e. Mommy and Me and individual lessons. The $100 fee is to help secure your spot and will go towards pool maintenance costs.
  • What's your issue with puddle jumpers?
    Puddle jumpers are a combination swim aid and swim vest, which buckles in the back. In short, puddle jumpers often give children a false sense of security, which can often be fatal when a child is not wearing a puddle jumper. We would rather teach your child how to swim, rather than encourage them to use a "crutch" that provides a flase sense of secuirty. For more information, please visit our Instagram page (@Head.Above.Water.Midland) as we have provided links to several articles that explain in detail why we discourage the use of puddle jumpers.
  • What is "water watching?""
    Water watching is having one sober adult watch the water while children play in the pool or a body of water. These days, families are distracted by technology. Because of this, we encourage water watching and life jacket use until your child has graduated to be an intermediate swimmer.
  • What non-profits do you support through Head Above Water Midland?
    We support Bynum School, Big Brothers Big Sisters, CASA of Midland, Gingerbread Haven-Midland Fair Havens and Crystal Ball-Sky High. We have donated over 35 percent of our earnings from last year's swimming season alone. Thank you, Midland, for helping us support children in need in our own community!
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