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Code of Conduct

What we're about:

Head Above Water Midland is a program that promotes a high level of parent and/or caregiver involvement. We are a program that focuses on educating families on how to prevent drownings through education, creating easy to use educational materials and events-outside of swim lessons. Our program requires parents and caregivers to put in the time to learn more about how drownings can be prevented, how they can help their children learn to swim and what safety precautions they need to take to keep their family safe as a whole.

What many people don't know, is that swim lessons, statistically, are the bare minimum  that a family can provide for their children to help them stay safe in and around water. Here at Head Above Water Midland, we are committed to closing the gap on accessibility to quality water safety education and swim lessons. 

It is our belief that it is vital for swim instructors and swim programs to take the time to educate families on the concept of "Layers of Protection". The concept of Layers of Protection, include having your child learn how to swim, implementing the safety skills they learn in lessons, having active "water watchers" supervise the pool, fencing around waterways and pools and learning CPR. To help aid in educating our members and the public about Layers of Protection, we have partnered with a local business, Permian Basin CPR, to help provide CPR courses for the Midland Community. Knowing CPR is an important step that families can take to keep their children safe in and around water. 


Our program requires that parents take an active role within their child's water safety education. We ask that parents practice with their children, the skills that their child will learn in swim lessons. We provide the materials, resources and coaching for parents to do this successfully. We believe that if parents take the time to actively be involved in their child's water safety education, children in our community-as a whole-will be more safe. 


What we are not:

We are not an ISR franchise. Infant Self Rescue, is a very popular franchised swim program. If you're looking for an ISR franchise, please reach out to Allison at Midland ISR. Allison has a Facebook Page and also a website. 

Our swim program recommendations:

If you're looking for a program that provides a solid introduction to water safety and swimming, we love City of Midland Aquatics (COM). They are great at providing a solid foundation for children to learn to swim. 

Bonds Swimming is also a great program as well and have been in the West Texas area for decades. You can find more information about their program on Facebook. 

Midland ISR, as mentioned above, is also a great program if you are looking for an ISR program in town. 

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